Denver Skylines

Denver Skylines
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Denver Skylines

Located on the banks of the South Platte River, Denver, Colorado has earned the nickname of The Mile High City. This title is well deserved since the reported official elevation of the city is 5280 feet. With the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies looming to the west, the Denver skyline is as picturesque as any city in the world. The city of Denver is home to roughly 12 percent of the states population or about 590,000. The Denver metropolitan area is much larger, with a population of close to 2.5 million, home to more than half of the people in the state.

A growing and modern metropolis, Denver boasts a skyline that rivals most modern cities. Featuring a number of modern skyscrapers, the Denver skyline experienced a building boom during the 1980s. Denver has established its own World Trade Center which is certainly a reflection of the cities growing importance to trade, banking and financial services. Often referred to as the Queen City of the Plains, Denver is popular subject for high quality pictures and panoramas.

Like many great cities in the western United States, Denver has its roots in the western migration during the 1800s. Located north of Pikes Peak, the original settlement that became the city of Denver was founded during the Pikes Peak gold rush of 1858. Denver has evolved from a frontier trading post to a modern city complete with smog, crowded freeways and other trappings of modern urban life. Reflecting the grwoing importance of cities in the Mountain West, Denver had the honor of hosting the 2008 Democratic National Convention which saw the nomination of Barack Obama in front of an estimated 70 thousand people at Invesco Mile High Stadium.

The Mountain West has seen significant growth over the last 2 decades as people migrate to cities like Las Vegas, Phoenix and Denver. Lower housing costs, natural beauty, clean air and greater employment opportunities.

The Daniels and Fisher Tower

The oldest surviving example of high rise architecture, the Daniels and Fisher Tower was completed in 1910. The tower reigned as the tallest structure in Denver until 1957 when the building at 621 Seventeenth Street was completed. The base structure which served for many years as retail space was demolished but the tower and its four sided clockworks was saved.

The Republic Plaza

Featuring a striking three story tall lobby the Republic Plaza towers almost 715 feet above Seventeenth Street in downtown Denver. The red granite and glass exterior the Republic Plaza houses 1.2 million square feet of office, commercial and restaurant space.

The Qwest Tower

While not as architecturally striking as the Republic Plaza, the Qwest Tower is the second tallest structure in Denver. Also referred to as 1801 California Street this notable building stands over 700 feet tall. The exterior is somewhat nondescript, being constructed of brown concrete. The Qwest Tower held the distinction of being the tallest skyscraper in Denver but lost the honor to the Republic Plaza in 1984.

The Wells Fargo Center

With a distinctive roll top or waterfall pinnacle, the Wells Fargo Center is just shy of the Qwest Tower in total height. Rising 698 feet above Lincoln Street the buildings crown makes it one of the recognizable buildings in Denver.

Denver Sports Teams

Like many American cities, Denver is a big sports town. Football, baseball, basketball and hockey have all found a loyal base of fans. And like most professional sports, action filled pictures and panoramas of Denver's sports teams are very popular among fans and collectors. Major league professional were slow to come to Denver with the Denver Broncos of the National Football League having been established in 1960. Originally part of the old American Football League, the Broncos played in Mile High Stadium for many years. The original stadium was razed in 2000 and the team moved to a brand new stadium, Invesco Mile High, in 2001.

The Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association were founded as the Denver Rockets in the early 1960's. The Rockets franchise was originally part of the old American Basketball Association and became the Nuggets when the team joined the National Basketball Association. The Nuggets play at the 19,000 seat Pepsi Center.

In 1993, the Denver Rockies of Major League Baseball moved into Coors Field. Despite being a relatively new franchise, the Rookies were early contenders and eventually made it to the World Series in 2007.